Monday, 22 April 2013

Newton's playground: Javascript physics engines

This awesome animation is actually the recorded output of a real-time #Javascript-powered physics engine. There has been quite a lof of progress in this field lately using technologies like #canvas and #WebGL, here are some recent developments:

The "dragable/tearable cloth" demo above comes from Play with it live and get the code here There are more demos on the developer's website, like this "ball curve collision" (balls fall through the curves which you can re-arrange as you like :))

Then we go to Verlet-js a simple (according to SubProtocol, the developer) Verlet integration physics engine written in Javascript by. Check out the "spider" demo where you can push a spider around on it's web (yes, the spider moves around on it's own as well :))

Finally, CoffeePhysics ( by +Justin Windle. Yes, every bubble there moves around in a frantic manner :)  More experiments by Justin here

Links via +Veljko Sekelj , +Lo Sauer and +Steve Mayne. Many thanks! :)